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Jökulsárlón Day Tour

6 hours
ISK 249,000
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Jokulsarlon is a stunning glacial lagoon that is constantly changing as the massive glacier tongue retreats. Icebergs of all shapes, sizes and in many hues of blue, turquoise and white, break off from the glacier and float around the lagoon. You will have time to walk the shores of the lagoon to admire the surreal shapes and take time to photograph the lagoon‘s wonderful, mirror-like reflections. Jökulsárlón day tour highlights: Skaftafell national park, Volcanic sandy beach, Glacial rivers, Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, Diamond Beach... Are some places we are offering to visit. The duration fo this trip is around 12-14hours. 


To cancel or re-schedule your trip, please contact us.

English speaking.

ISK 149,000

DOLLARS: 1,829

EURO: 1,668


MIdtun 9 Iceland

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