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Rough Surface
Image by Emma Francis

Our car tour trips are a great way to explore the stunning landscapes of Iceland. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first timer, our trips offer a unique way to experience the best of the country. Our specially designed travel routes have been carefully crafted to ensure you get the most out of your trip, with plenty of stops for sightseeing, photo opportunities and more. With our expert guides on hand, you can be sure of a truly memorable experience in Iceland. So join us for an unforgettable car tour and explore the beauty of this amazing country for yourself.

Your Experience Last Forever

Elite Tours offers private tours of some of Iceland most breathtaking destinations. Our experienced and knowledgeable tour guides are dedicated to making your trip one that you'll never forget. We take pride in customizing our tours to fit your individual needs, with the goal of giving you an unforgettable and unique experience. With Elite Tours, you can explore places you've always wanted to go without having to worry about the details, as we take care of all your travel needs. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, let us take you on the adventure of a lifetime.





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